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With over 30 years as a professional music producer, audio engineer, arranger, and project manager for independent artists, schools, and churches, Steven Grigsby toured professionally from 1974-1981, returning to TESC to complete his music degree and work in their Bukla Analog studio in 1983-1984. After a 10 year hiatus running his own software company, Steven formed SongSpring with his wife Lani in 1999. They have been recording and performing together ever since and have two albums to their credit.

Steven's instruments include Classical & Jazz Guitar, Lute, Oud, Mandolin, Dobro, Bass, and Banjo.

Steven Grigsby


Lani Grigsby

Lani Thomsen is a classically-trained keyboard musician, as at home with

Bach and Beethoven as she is with Queen, Jackson Brown, Springsteen

and the like. She has, over the course of her career, served as a liturgical

musician and music minister, directed dozens of musical theater

productions, taught children's musical theater, taught piano and voice,

coached vocalists at the university level, been an arranger and composer,

and been actively performing, both solo and with husband and musical

partner Steven Grigsby. She is also in demand as an accomplished and

intuitive accompanist. More recently, most of Lani's creative time is spent in

the studio with Steven, where their divergent backgrounds and musical

viewpoints can lead to interesting blendings.

Lani Grigsby Photo