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Painted Ladies

From time to time we find an unsual or great used instrument that we just don't have room for here at the studio. We also work with a great regional artist who paints some of our instruments, creating unique and sometimes dazzling artwork blended with the music. We call these our painted ladies.

All items are shipped within 48 hours after order except on Fridays. We pay all shipping and insurance costs. All items are shipped USPS.

This month's items include an authentic Egyptian Oud and a hand-painted Goldstar Banjo (premium head) which was comissioned by regional artist Geneva Smith.

Both items are used. The Oud requires some minor work on the Nut. The banjo comes with a softshell case and strap. The Oud does not.

This Gold tone 5-String Banjo has been personalized by artist Geneva Smith with artwork on the new high-quality banjo head.  Maple neck, Used in the Video "Motherload" on this site. Used. Comes with soft case. $495.  (free shipping)