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If you've ever been to California or just dreamed of it, you'll love this CD. This collection of instrumental originals by Steven & Lani Grigsby captures the essence of Old California, from South to North, West to East, from the time of the early explorers to gold miners in the Sierras. Old California makes great road music for your morning commute.

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Old California - In Search of a Lost World

The Forgetting - Steven Grigsby


This collection of songs was written over several decades. Although it is hard to put everything in one pot, these songs seem to belong together as a suite.

I was surprised to find that at the end of the day, Resonator Guitar was on nearly every piece. This is a wonderful instrument. It lends an orchestral backing to almost any song you do, and is very adept at expressive playing. Even if you aren't a virtuoso.

Most cuts feature either Arnie Helmnik or Lani Thomsen-Grigsby on Bass; Lani also plays keyboard and synthesizer on many of the others.


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